The first week of May marked the second national Ukrainian Teachers of Canada conference, held in Edmonton, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Ukrainian bilingual education in Alberta. On May 2 – 4 the Ukrainian Teachers of Canada conference was organized by the National School Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, with support from Alberta Education, Alberta Foundation for Ukrainian Education Society, Ukrainian cultural Heritage Village, the Ukrainian National Federation (Edmonton Branch) and the Ukrainian Language Education Centre (ULEC) at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta.

The conference united eighty-one participants from across Canada-teachers, students, community members, and parents-to address vital issues of Ukrainian language and culture education in the twenty-first century. The conference attendees were represented through Teachers of Ukrainian, Alberta Teachers’ Association, Edmonton Catholic Schools, Elk Island Catholic Schools, Elk Island Public Schools, and from the Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education at Edmonton Public Schools.  

The UCC is pleased to announce that the ULEC was recognized as a leading centre in supporting the development of Ukrainian language education. In her presentation at the opening round table (2 May), ULEC acting director and associate professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta, Dr. Alla Nedashkivska, addressed the challenging question of the future of Ukrainian education from the perspective of teaching and learning of Ukrainian at the post-secondary level.  

The weekend also consisted of a panel discussion organized by Dr. Nedashkivska, along with two graduate students, Olena Sivachenko and Oksana Perets, on “Digital Technologies, Blended-Learning and Students’ Motivation: Ukrainian at the Post-Secondary Level.”  

Dr. Olenka Bilash, keynote speaker and  ULEC senior academic advisor and professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, spoke on “Global Best Practices: Effective 21st Century Language and Culture Learning Strategies.”  

ULEC participation in the conference was accompanied with an impressive display of its resource materials including Nova, Tut i tam, and Budmo series, the ULEC Publications Catalogue, and other enrichment resources, which teachers could buy or order. Hands on support from ULEC team members Halyna Klid and Mykola Soroka was welcomed by attendees.

ULEC Staff (L – R): Mykola Soroka, Olenka Bilash, Halyna Klid, and Alla Nedashkivska. Микола Сорока, Оленка Білаш, Галина Клід і Алла Недашківська;


(L to R): Oksana Perets and Olena Sivachenko,
Оксана Перець і Олена Сіваченко

Successful Ukrainian Teachers’ Conference Held in Edmonton